The frontend is written in Typescript and React, as well as a few other important modules like:

    • Material UI
    • React Router
    • Redux
    • Redux Sagas

    Building and running

    The frontend can be quickly built using:

    make frontend

    Once built, it can be run in development mode (auto-refresh) using:

    make run-frontend

    This command leverages the create-react-app’s start script that launches a development server for the frontend (by default at localhost:3000).

    API documentation

    API documentation for TypeScript is done with typedoc and typedoc-plugin-markdown , and is configured in tsconfig.json

    make docs

    The API output mardown is generated in docs/development/api and is not committed to git, but is shown on the website at headlamp/latest/development/api


    Components can be discovered, developed and tested inside the ‘storybook’.

    From within the Headlamp repo run:

    make storybook